California Analytical 602 CO2 Analyzer
California Analytical Instruments

California Analytical 602 CO2 Analyzer

Pine Item #54386

The CAI 602 Dual CO2 analyzer is designed specifically for dilution systems in which CO2 needs to be measured in low ppm levels.  The analyzer uses a technique based on the infrared absorption characteristics of gases to measure concentration.

A single beam of infrared energy is modulated and passed through a sample cell containing the gas to be measured.  The beam emerges attenuated by the amount of energy absorbed by the gas in the sample.  Changes in the concentration of the gas results in changes in the intensity of the beam. 

The remaining energy in the beam is passed serially through two cavities of an infrared detector containing the gas of interest and a mass flow sensor.  Changes in the intensity of the beam change the pressure differential between the cavities and consequently the balance of the electrical bridge in the detector circuit. Electronic processing of the imbalance of the signal is used to generate an electrical output signal proportional to the concentration of gas measured.

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