California Analytics 600 Series Analyzer
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California Analytics 600 Series Analyzer

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The approach utilizes CAI's standard 600 series analyzer with dual NDIR detectors.   One detector is calibrated with methane and has a proprietary optical filter inserted into its light path which isolates a narrow portion of a methane IR spectrum peak which is away from absorption peaks of all other non-methane hydrocarbons.   This provides a true methane only measurement.   The other detector is also calibrated with methane to read total hydrocarbons (THC).   Propane is measured on the THC channel and a C3H8 response factor is determined.   As sample is introduced, it is split and methane and THC results are measured.   Externally, methane is subtracted from the THC results and then multiplied by the propane response factor to determine the non-methane hydrocarbons relative to propane per Part 60, Method 25B.

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