Proceq Equotip 2 Portable Hardness Tester

Proceq Equotip 2 Portable Hardness Tester

Pine Item #54257

The Equotip 2 metal hardness tester is a light weight, yet powerful portable hardness tester for all metallic materials.   It measures the Leeb value (L) for materials, which is a ratio of the impact velocity to the rebound velocity.   Mobile and very accurate, it has a large measuring range - from soft to extremely hard. With measurements within seconds, the Equotip 2 can display readings in other hardness test ranges such as HL, HS, HV, HRB and HRC . Hardness measurements are carried out by a dynamic method, which allows testing on areas of difficult access.


Ability to freehand measurements on large parts

Rapidity and good reproducibility through accurate distance measurement

Very good selectivity through small penetration of a few µm

Simple convenient operating

Integrated conversions

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Technical Specifications

Maximum Hardness940 HV
Impact Energy11 Nm
Mass of Impact Body5.5g
Diameter Test Tip3m
Diameter Impact Device20mm
Length Impact Device150mm
Accuracy4L ( + 0.5%) Or when converting to HBHV or HRC + 3% to + 15% Or when converting to shore hardness + 1.5% to 4.5%
Battery6 x 1.5 v LR6 giving 65 Hrs use
Operating Temperature0° C to + 50° C
Input for External Power9v D.C. at 0.2A
Data OutputRS232C on dB 9 pin
DimensionsUS: 6.9 x 7 x 3.1 in. Metric: 175 x 180 x 80 mm
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