GE Dynapocket Hardness
GE Dynapocket Hardness
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GE Dynapocket Hardness

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The DynaPocket hardness tester offers easy, on-site hardness testing on solid, non-transportable components and even on positions difficult to access. A direct readout of the hardness value is digitally displayed on a large LCD screen. The DynaPocket also offers conversion of the hardness value for hardness scales HL, HV, HB, HS HRB, HRC and N/mm2.


Pocket-size hardness tester with cable free integrated design\r

Operation based on the Rebound\r

Easy on-site hardness testing on solid non-transportable components and even on positions difficult to access\r

Easy and clearly arranged operation via two keys\r

Hardness measurement independent of impact direction\r

Direct readout of the digitally displayed hardness value on a large LCD display\r

Display of the single or average value\r

Standard conversion tables stored for nine material groups\r

Conversion of the hardness value for hardness scales HL HV HB HS HRB HRC and N/mm2


large, coarse-grain components with surfaces as rolled

forgings with inhomogeneous surface structures

workpieces made of cast materials of all types

material sorting in material stores

hardness testing of large series products during the production.

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Technical Specifications

Method of MeasurementRebound hardness testing; dynamic measuring method on the basis of the ratio from the rebound phase (Rp) and impact phase (Ip) speed with output of hardness in HL = 1000 Rp/Ip
Measurement Conversion and RangeDepending on the selected material group: Leeb: 150 to 1000 HL Shore: 30 to 100 HS Brinell: 75 to 700 HB Vickers: 75 to 1000 HV Rockwell C: 20 to 70 HRC Rockwell B: 35 to 100 HRB Tensile strength: 250 to 2000 N/mm² (for low alloyed steel)
Resolution1 HL; 1 HB; 1 HV; 0.1 HRC 0.1 HRB and 5 N/mm²;
Display4 digit LCD
Power Supply2 x AAA batteries
Battery Life (operating time)>4000 measurements
Impact Device SpecificationsTungsten-carbide spherical test tip of 3 mm (0.12") diameter
Manuals & Data Sheets

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