Global Water WL-15X Water Level Logger
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Global Water WL-15X Water Level Logger

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Global Water's WL15X Water Level Logger provides a datalogger with a submersible pressure transducer for remote monitoring and recording of well depth measurements and water pressure data. This highly reliable and accurate water level recorder records 24,400 readings and is programmable from one reading per second to one reading per day. Ranges of 0-3', 0-15', 0-30', 0-60', 0-120' and 0-250' are available. A 25' cable is standard, and optional cable lengths are available up to 500'.

The Water Level Recorder's datalogger is housed in a weather-resistant cylindrical enclosure that can slip inside a 2-inch pipe. The data recorder is easily adapted with standard hardware for well head mounting or other installations. The datalogger enclosure also houses an easily replaceable 9 VDC battery, which powers the Water Level Logger and level sensor for one year. Purchase of the WL15X includes Windows-based datalogging software, which allows easy upload of recorded data to standard spreadsheet programs on a PC computer.

The Water Level Logger's level sensor is fully encapsulated with marine-grade epoxy so that moisture can never leak in or work its way down the vent tube to cause drift or level sensor failure (as is the case with other pressure sensors). The submersible pressure transducer uses a unique, highly flexible silicon diaphragm to interface between water and the sensing element. This silicon diaphragm protects the level sensor's electronics from moisture and provides a submersible water level transducer with exceptional linearity and very low hysteresis. The design of Global Water's water level sensor eliminates the issues associated with metal foil diaphragms, which tend to crinkle and stretch out over time causing drift, linearity, and hysteresis problems. The water level sensor is also protected by a stainless steel micro-screen cap, which makes fouling with silt, mud, or sludge virtually impossible.

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