Hach LDO Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Probe
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Hach LDO Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Probe

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Hach's next generation LDO ® (Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen) Probe requires no calibration for the entire 2 year life of the sensor cap, which means it is ready to start measuring your DO (Dissolved Oxygen) right out of the box. With an added cutting-edge 3D calibration procedure that is conducted prior to shipping, the probe will not drift and is more accurate than ever before. By utilizing Hach's breakthrough luminescent technology for measuring DO, this optical probe has no membranes which need to be replaced or electrolyte solution to replenish, making it virtually maintenance free. To make sure routine cleaning cycles are never missed, the probe offers operators customizable diagnostic alert indicators, ensuring the probe can operate at its maximum performance level. An improved body design optimizes the probe's temperature sensor to provide an even faster response time to process variability as well. The probe comes with a three year warranty, and the sensor cap has a two year warranty. So for supremely accurate DO measurements by a probe that does not require calibration and is membrane free, turn to an innovator in DO technology, and Hach's next generation LDO Probe.

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