Mala Geoscience Easy Locator - Off Road
Mala Geoscience

Mala Geoscience Easy Locator - Off Road

Pine Item #54331

A revolution in ground penetrating radar, Mala's Easy Locator with Rough Terrain Cart (RTC) easy to operate and highly effective at locating sub-surface material types. The larger diameter wheels provide much more ground clearance than previously available, while the self adjusting antenna tray ensures that the antenna stays in contact with the ground surface for optimal signal performance. The operational capabilities of this user friendly system by allowing its use over more rugged terrain. In addition to metallic objects, plastics, concrete, ceramics, asphalt composites plus many more can all be located. Featuring a rechargeable, long life Lithium-Ion battery, the Easy Locator is capable of of operating up to 16 hours and can scan at various depths. The system is also fully configurable for different soil types - enabling maximum performance. Fully adjustable wheel height and the ability to pul the Easy Locator backwardsmakes makes operating on rought terrain and loose soils much easier.

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