Olympus i-SPEED Mono High Speed Camera - B/W
Olympus IMS

Olympus i-SPEED Mono High Speed Camera - B/W

Pine Item #54221

The High Speed, Olympus I-Speed Camera is available to hire from Pine Rentals. This High Speed Video (HSV) camera allows you to analyze motion by providing a slow motion view of high-speed events. Applications include: production and manufacturing plants, bottling and packaging, R & D and ballistics. The I-SPEED visual inspection system is easy to use and is immediately ready to start capturing your high-speed events. The RCP (Remote Control Pad) or Olympus CDU (Camera Display Unit) allows full control of all camera functions. Immediate data analysis is possible to allow decision making at the source, making measurements on images that are synchronized to other data events with a live graphical display. Making this the ideal cost rental solution to high speed fault finding and image capture.

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