Permapure MINI GAS system
Permapure MINI GAS system

Permapure MINI GAS system

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The PermaPure Mini-GASS systems prepare hot gas sample streams for high performance gas analysis. This popular unit removes particles, acid mists, and water vapor from a gas stream without the loss of analytes. Mini-GASS unit offers several options and configurations, including mounting directly on the stack so very little heated line is used. An automatic drain installed on the filter will remove acid mists. They are designed to process highly corrosive and difficult samples including gas streams containing high levels of HCl, HF, NOx or SOx.


0.1 micron coalescing/particulate filter

Accepts flow rates up to 10 LPM

Conditions hot dirty very wet samples

Yields sample dew points as low as -25?C

Quantity must be 1 or more
Equipment available for both rental and purchase
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Technical Specifications

Sample flow rate0 to 10 lpm
Sample inlet temperature250°F (121°C) max. with stainless steel filter 230°F (110°C) max. with Kynar filter
Sample inlet water vapor30% by volume maximum
Purge air requirementsMaximum 1 cfm of oil-free instrument air or nitrogen with less than -40°C dew point
Gas sample inlet and outlet fittings¼” or 3/8” tubing fittings
Electrical requirements115V ±10% or 230V ±10%, 50/60Hz, 8.0A/4.0A (up to 900 Watts depending on options)
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