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The Quest 2900 is an advanced sound level meter which performs a wide variety of acoustical measurements. Both exponentials averaged and time-integrated measurements may be made, with the capability of either internal or external data logging. The output of an independently weighted peak detector may also be displayed or logged. Applications include laboratory, industrial, community, and audiometric measurement and analysis. The user ultimately controls what is logged, displayed, and printed; select from SPL, LAVG, TWA, max, min, LDN, CNEL, Pa2Hrs, SEL, exceedance levels, and time information. Manual, automatic, or threshold-triggered studies provide the user with versatile control. The 2900 provide fast, slow, peak and impulse response with A, C, or linear weighting.


As much as a 0 to 140 dB measurement range

Fast, Slow, Peak and Impulse response modes

A, C and Linear weighting modes

Displays SPL, Lmax, Lmin, Leq, Lavg, TWA, LDN, CNEL Pa 2Hrs, SEL, Real-Time, Elapsed Time and battery voltage

Membrane Keypad

Backlit Display

Tough, modular construction


Occupational Noise Evalutions

Environmental Noise Assessments

General Sound and Frequency Analysis

Automotive Design and Vehicle Noise Evaluations

Building Acoustics, Including STI-PA Method

HVAC testing per NEBB

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