RAE Systems ppbRAE Plus PID
RAE Systems

RAE Systems ppbRAE Plus PID

Pine Item #51241

The RAE Systems ppbRAE Plus is the most sensitive handheld VOC monitor available to rent from Pine.  With true parts per billion detection of extremely low level, low vapor pressure and highly toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs), like nerve agents, pesticide residues and isocyanates.

This instrument tackles applications far beyond the scope of typical PIDs such as measurements of outgassing from carpets and fabrics, spot checks for ethylene oxide and personal monitoring of heat exchange fluids, including therminol in petrochemical plants.  It is also an excellent tool for indoor air quality studies.  The ppbRAE is very flexible, offering user-selectable survey or hygiene modes and a user-set threshold for the 90 dB alarm. 

The user can also program the unit for average, STEL and peak readings.  The large keys are easy to operate, even through three layers of gloves.



Environmental Cleanups and Remediation

Indoor Air Quality

Hazmat Reponse

Worker Exposure

Venue Protection

Urban Search and Rescue

Shut downs and turnarounds

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