Solinst 3001 Water Level Logger/Meter

Solinst 3001 Water Level Logger/Meter

Pine Item #55403

The Levelogger Edge is a self contained water level datalogger, using infra-red data transfer powered by a 10 year lithium battery, offering the flexibility of installing by use of a Direct Read Cable, wireline or Kevlar cord. The Levelogger Edge has a memory capacity of 40,000 temperature and water level data points, or up to 120,000 using the new compression algorithm in linear sampling mode.

New Levelogger Software Version 4.0, written to support the new Levelogger Edge, Levelogger Junior, LTC Levelogger Junior, Rainlogger, Leveloader and is backwards compatible to support the Levelogger Gold series. Version 4.0 offers many new features, including the ability to barometrically compensate multiple Levelogger data files simultaneously.

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