TSI SidePak AM510 Personal Aerosol Monitor
TSI Instruments

TSI SidePak AM510 Personal Aerosol Monitor

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The SIDEPAK™ Personal Aerosol Monitor AM510 is a rugged, lightweight, belt mounted laser photometer, weighing as little as 16 ounces. It is compact and quiet, minimizing interference and worker discomfort. The built-in sampling pump lets you attach a wide variety of size-selective inlet conditioners for worker breathing zone or area measurements with a respirable cyclone or one of the three integrated impactors. The AM510 comes with TSI's Smart Battery Management System™, which includes long-running NiMH or alkaline battery packs and provides precise run time information in minutes remaining.

The AM510 personal aerosol monitor's easy-to-read display shows your data in both real-time aerosol mass concentration and eight-hour time-weighted average (TWA). With its convenient data logging and long battery life, the monitor is also ideal for extended sampling. Easy-to-use TRAKPRO™ Data Analysis Software lets you pre-program sampling events and create effective graphs and reports. Available in single- and three-unit kits.

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