TSI Portacount PRO 8030 Respirator Fit Tester
TSI Instruments

TSI Portacount PRO 8030 Respirator Fit Tester

Pine Item #51424

The PORTACOUNT ® PRO Respirator Fit Tester is the easy way to reliably fit test any tight-fitting respirators.

The PORTACOUNT PRO Respirator Fit Tester 8030 eliminates the guesswork associated with tedious and error-prone qualitative fit test methods. No other respirator fit tester can quantitatively fit test so many types of respirators - gas masks, SCBAs, respirators, even disposables (for fit testing N95 disposable respirators, see the PORTACOUNT PRO+ Respirator Fit Tester). If the mask requires fit testing, count on the PORTACOUNT PRO fit tester to provide the fastest and easiest OSHA-compliant fit test method.

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