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Now available for rent, VIG model-210 is a microprocessor based, oven heated methane / ethane / non-methane-ethane / total hydrocarbon gas analyzer designed for high accuracy, sensitivity and stability. 

The Model-210 uses two independent flame ionization detectors (FIDs), one to measure total hydrocarbons and the second coupled with a GC Column for the separation of the methane, ethane and non-methane-ethane components.

A sample is fed to the analyzer via an internal heated pump to the first FID for a real time total hydrocarbon reading.  A portion of the sample is trapped and pushed through a column to separate the methane and ethane components and then to the second FID.  Any remaining sample in the column is back flushed through the column to obtain the non-methane-ethane components.

All components that come in contact with the sample through analysis are maintained in a temperature-controlled oven to prevent condensation, and to provide repeatable, reliable performance in the analysis of a wide variety of hydrocarbon concentrations in gaseous mixtures or in ambient air.

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