Voyager FTIR Cart
Voyager FTIR Cart
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Voyager FTIR Cart

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The Voyager FTIR System was designed for ease of setup and use and completely eliminates the task of assembling the FTIR system on the job site or on-the-fly. The unit was also engineered with accessibility and safety in mind, enabling it to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while allowing the operator to have nearly full control of the system remotely. 

  • Major components of the system in one 19 mobile rack on wheels
    • FTIR, CPU, KVM, Sample Pump, Particulate filter, Calibration Module, Heater Module
    • Mobile Rack is also the shipping case
    • Remove the doors, plug the unit in, connect heated sample line, test
  • Smart Sample Pump Module
    • Integrated PLC / 5x5 Color Touchscreen
    • Monitors and controls 7 heated zones, 5 available for external heating devices
    • Monitors and controls 8 port Calibration Module
    • Integrated, Calibrated, Mass Flow Controller for Dynamic Spiking
    • Easily accessible particulate filter
    • Failsafe nitrogen purge system to protect FTIR in case of power loss or heated zone failure
    • Virtual remote monitoring and control through Web Browser 
  • Remote Control Option
    • Verizon Wireless Cellular with Static IP
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Equipment available for both rental and purchase
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