Zetec Miz 28

Zetec Miz 28

Pine Item #54241

The MIZ-28 combines both multiplexed and simultaneous injection (SI) technologies into one box that tests most tube materials including magnetic alloys such as carbon steel. Testing with multiplexed frequencies provides the best detection capabilities - from surface cracks to deep flaws - with speed and reliability. Simultaneous injection eddy current technology offers the highest testing speeds and supports remote field testing (RFT). The optional RFT Amplifier supplies the high drive voltages that generate the stronger magnetic field necessary to discriminate the flaws from good material in magnetic products. A 40 GB internal hard drive provides mass storage of recorded inspection data. The included USB portable flash drive lets you easily store, transfer, and carry your data. Pocket-sized and lightweight, flash drives work with any newer PC or Mac with an existing USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 port, no drivers required.

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