Groundwater Sampling Equipment

Groundwater Sampling Equipment – Selecting the Right Tools for Field Success
Environmental groundwater sampling and monitoring are essential activities for environmental impact assessment, investigation, compliance, and remediation efforts. Groundwater, as a vital natural resource, plays a critical role in supplying drinking water to communities, supporting ecosystems, and sustaining various industries. Monitoring groundwater quality is crucial for detecting pollutants, assessing contamination risks, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Pine Environmental Services, established in 1995, has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive solutions for environmental monitoring, including groundwater sampling equipment and supplies. With 36 branches throughout North America and over 350 experienced employees, Pine Environmental Services is a trusted partner for professionals in the environmental sector.

Pine Has the Equipment and Supplies for Your Projects
Pine Environmental Services offers a wide range of value-added equipment and supplies tailored to meet the diverse needs of PFAS contaminated sites. Equipment categories provided by Pine include a variety of water sampling pumps such as peristaltic pumps, bladder pumps and submersible pumps. We also provide water level meters, interface probes, and water quality instruments utilized during sampling and monitoring efforts. These instruments enable precise data collection, allowing researchers and environmental professionals to assess groundwater quality and identify potential contaminants accurately.

In addition to equipment, Pine Environmental Services supplies everyday essentials required for PFAS groundwater sampling activities. These supplies include HDPE bailers, HDPE and silicone tubing, filters, Semperguard nitrile gloves, boots, Alconox and Liquinox cleaning detergent, and deionized water. These essential supplies ensure the proper collection, handling, and analysis of groundwater samples, contributing to reliable and accurate environmental monitoring efforts.


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Furthermore, Pine Environmental Services recognizes the importance of addressing emerging environmental challenges, such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The company provides PFAS-accepted equipment and supplies specifically designed for water quality and sampling projects, groundwater remediation and assessment, and compliance with drinking water standards. By offering PFAS-accepted solutions, Pine Environmental Services demonstrates its commitment to supporting professionals in mitigating the impact of emerging contaminants on groundwater resources.

Methods for Groundwater Sampling
Methods for groundwater sampling vary depending on the project requirements and objectives. Pine Environmental Services provides expertise and equipment for various sampling methods, including calculated volume purging and sampling, low-stress (low-flow or minimal drawdown) sampling, and passive sampling. These methods utilize a combination of instruments such as oil/water interface meters, water level meters, depth tag lines, pumps, and water quality instruments to ensure accurate and representative groundwater sampling while minimizing hydraulic stress on the aquifer.

1. Calculated Volume Purging and Sampling
This method removes a calculated groundwater volume based on the well construction information to produce a formation-representative groundwater sample.

EPA Resource Info:

2. Low Stress (Low-Flow or Minimal Drawdown) Sampling
This method extracts groundwater at rates comparable to ambient groundwater flow (typically less than 500 ml/min) so that the drawdown of the water level is minimized and the mixing of stagnant water with water from the screened intake area in a well is reduced.

Resource Info, EPA:


 3. Passive Sampling
This method involves the collection of a water sample from a well without purging by a pump or retrieval by a bailer.

Resource Info, New Hampshire Departmental Services

The Importance of Water Quality and Public Health
The value-added equipment, supplies, and services offered by Pine Environmental Services empower environmental professionals to monitor and manage water resources effectively. By equipping them with reliable tools and resources, Pine enables scientists, regulators, and environmental consultants to make informed decisions, protect public health, and preserve the integrity of aquatic ecosystems. Pine Environmental Services is pivotal in advancing environmental stewardship and promoting sustainable water management practices through its commitment to providing high-quality products and unparalleled support.