Our Track Record


Pine Environmental Services LLC (Pine) is a Professional Service Company, engaged in providing rental equipment in the U.S. and Canada for Environmental Monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing, Visual Inspection, Safety, and Field Supplies. Pine has the largest stock of Test & Measurement rental equipment in our warehouses across North America. The condition of our equipment is regularly assessed under strict quality control measures, cleaned, charged and calibrated prior to delivery. Pine is completely focused and committed to putting Test & Measurement equipment into the hands of those who need it, through short, medium or long-term rentals. Pine also provides customized and alternative financial offerings for extended project requirements. Pine is committed to provide technical and application support on our wide range of Test & Measurement equipment and to make the availability of, and ease of access to that equipment, second to none.


You can say that a company's Mission statement expresses its "purpose for being" and that its Vision statement then says, "based on that purpose, this is what we want to become." A company's core values are the set of principles that its employees live by as they work together to achieve the company's Vision. Angelo Pinheiro, the company founder and William Keresey, CEO lead by these principles to ensure that our employees understand Pine's purpose, what Pine values, and where we are all taking Pine.

Pine's Mission

  • To contribute to the assessment of the natural and built environments, for the benefit of our communities

Pine's Vision

  • To confidently bring Pine’s important Test Equipment Value Proposition to new markets and global geographies

Pine's Values

  • We act with integrity, honesty and transparency
  • We provide a superior customer experience by understanding customer needs and exceeding expectations
  • We provide a positive work environment that treats everyone with respect and dignity
  • We are accountable to our customers, communities and to our peers
  • We continuously seek to improve with a positive attitude

Working with Pine has advantages

  • Multiple rental options to fit any need
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Lowest standard rental rates in the industry
  • No charge for weekends/holidays or during transit*
  • 37 Locations nationwide
  • Complimentary local pickup and delivery*
  • Complimentary calibration kits with rentals*
  • Knowledgeable support and service
  • Factory calibrated equipment
  • Same day delivery available for most in-stock items
  • Available Rental Protection Program (RPP)
  • Repair and calibration services available*
  • Full stock of consumables and accessories
  • Advanced labs for in-house factory calibration
  • Complimentary training on all equipment
  • 50% off replacement unit during repairs*
  • A large inventory of equipment, always in stock
  • Complimentary bench test of equipment
* Some exclusions may apply. Please ask your Pine associate for details.