Gas Monitoring

Equipment available for both rental and purchase

Pine supplies gas monitoring equipment to environmental consultants, engineers, geologists and health and safety professionals to help comply with regulations established and enforced by the federal EPA as well as numerous state agencies to identify and quantify work site contaminant levels in the air and soil.

We provide a wide range of handheld meters as well as perimeter or area monitors for field use at hazardous waste and construction sites to test for recognized pollutants and hazardous gases such as:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Mercury Vapor
  • Methane

Our inventory consists of hydrocarbon detectors like PID’s and FID’s, hydrogen sulfide analyzers, mercury vapor analyzers, multi-gas monitors and helium detectors from manufacturers such as RAE Systems, Photovac, Thermo Scientific, Arizona Instruments, Radiodetection and OhioLumex.

Pine provides a first-class technical support service as well as advice on which product will be best suited to your needs. Our quality management system insures that all equipment is tested and calibrated to manufacturer’s specifications when you receive it. To find out more, please select from the products listed below.

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