Soil Analysis

Pine supplies soil analyzers employing XRF technology to trained environmental consultants and geologists to perform field screening tests for priority pollutant metals in soil as specified by EPA Method 6200.

We provide several handheld analyzers to perform site contamination profiles by testing for RCRA metals such as:

  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium
  • Lead

These field- portable, x-ray tube based XRF analyzers are manufactured by Thermo Scientific (Niton) and Olympus (Innov-x Systems).

Pine provides a first-class technical support service as well as advice on which product will be best suited to your needs. Our quality management system insures that all equipment is tested and calibrated to manufacturer’s specifications when you receive it. To find out more, please select from the products listed below.

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Oil in Soil Screening Kit
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Hanna Direct Soil EC Tester - HI98331
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OHAUS Portable Digital Balances
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Soil Augers
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Ponar 'Grab' Sampler (Petite and Standard)
AMS Ekman Dredge
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FieldScout Direct Soil EC Meter
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Dexsil PetroFLAG TPH Analyzer System