Thermal Inspection

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Thermal inspection is a non-destructive testing method that involves the measurement or mapping of surface temperatures as heat flows to, from and/or through an object. Thermal imaging systems create pictures of heat flow (rather than of light) and allow thermal information to be rapidly collected over a wide area in a non-contact mode. It is a fast, cost effective way to perform detailed and precise analysis.

Thermal measurement methods have a wide range of applications are used in many ways, for example:

• Police and military for night vision
• Surveillance
• Navigation
• Fireman and emergency rescue
• Energy audits
• Preventative maintenance
• Moisture and leak assessments
• Process control

We provide thermal imaging cameras able to detect a wide range of temperature variances from manufacturers such as FLUKE and FLIR.

Pine provides a first-class technical support service as well as advice on which product will be best suited to your needs. Our quality management system insures that all equipment is tested and calibrated to manufacturer’s specifications when you receive it. To find out more, please select from the products listed below.

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