Water Level & Flow Monitoring

Equipment available for both rental and purchase

Pine supplies water level and flow monitoring equipment to environmental consultants, hydrogeologists and engineers to help ensure compliance with storm water and groundwater monitoring regulations driven by regulatory agencies and private industry in the US, UK and EU.

We provide a wide range of meters, data loggers and probes to measure and analyze water levels and flows in applications such as:

  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Aquifer characterization studies (pumping and slug tests)
  • Flow measurement of streams, rivers and irrigation ditches
  • Storm water runoff
  • Waste water treatment

Our product offerings include water level meters, level loggers, storm water samplers, open channel flow meters and ultrasonic flow meters from manufacturers such as Solinst, Heron Instruments, In-Situ, Marsh-McBirney, Thermo Scientific (Polysonics), Teledyne Isco and Global Water.

Pine provides a first-class technical support service as well as advice on which product will be best suited to your needs. Our quality management system insures that all equipment is tested and calibrated to manufacturer’s specifications when you receive it. To find out more, please select from the products listed below.

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