Waterra;  1.5" x 36" Unweighted Clear - EcoBailer
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Waterra; 1.5" x 36" Unweighted Clear - EcoBailer

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The Waterra Clear PVC EcoBailer is an eco-friendly product that is as heavy (or heavier) than conventional weighted bailers without the addition of bulky and costly weights.  A better weight distribution allows the Waterra Clear PVC EcoBailer to sink straighter and the efficient valve design makes it the fastest sinking bailer available.

All Waterra Clear PVC EcoBailers are easily adapted to the Waterra FHT-45 Disposable Groundwater Filter for collection of samples for metals analysis directly from the bailer.

A short length of 1/4" OD or 1/2” OD LDPE tubing along with the Bottom Emptying Spout can be used to easily connect the FHT-45 or FMT-45 inline disposable groundwater filter to the bailer.  This allows the bailed sample to flow by gravity directly through the filter and into a sample container.  

These bailers are designed with a special valve and valve seat to provide more positive sealing and less clogging when removing the bailer from the well.  Bottom emptying spout assists in collecting non-aerated samples from the valve end of the bailer, which is ideal for VOC sample collecting. 

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