Casella CEL-350IS dBadge Personal Noise Dosimeter
Casella CEL-350IS dBadge Personal Noise Dosimeter
Casella CEL-350IS dBadge Personal Noise Dosimeter
Casella CEL

Casella CEL-350IS dBadge Personal Noise Dosimeter

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The CEL-350 dBadge Series is the first compact noise badge product to be designed with a display. This internal display makes it easy to perform calibration, provides status information and shows key measured data.

The dBadge has a unique ‘fuel gauge’ to display memory and battery status, ensuring the exact remaining battery and memory capacity can be viewed on the display. Also, a unique feature of the dBadge is the alarm function.

An ultra-bright LED on the dBadge gives a visual indication of when exposure action levels have been exceeded by flashing at different rates. These action levels can be configured via the Insight software and used to instantly see if noise control or hearing protection measures are needed.

The alarm function can be switched on or off via the dBadge keys. In addition to noise exposure parameters, the time history of the noise is logged in 1-minute values of both the average noise level and the peak value for subsequent analysis of how the noise exposure has occurred. This data can be viewed and analyzed via Insight software. 


Intrinsically Safe

28-hour battery life fully charges in 90 minutes

Simple auto-calibration function

Run duration timers

Simultaneous ‘C’ and ‘A’ weighted measurements

Large memory capacity 180 hours

Compact, rugged (rubber over-molded) design weighs only 71g

No cables to damage or get in the way


Complete shift exposure measurements

Task-based measurements

Measurements according to ISO9612: 2009

Selection of hearing protection

Measuring personal noise exposure

Ensuring compliance with Workplace Noise Regulations

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Linear operating range 65.0 to 140.3dB RMS
Peak measurement range 95.0 to 143.3dB Peak
Frequency weightings RMS A (and ‘C’ on CEL-352)
Frequency weightings Peak C, A, Z (Linear)
Time weightings Slow, Fast & Impulse
Amplitude weightings Q=3 & Q=5
Selectable thresholds 2 (70 to 90dB), selectable in 1dB steps
Selectable criterion 1 (70 to 90dB), selectable in 1dB steps
Memory capacity (180 Hours of measurements)
Default modes ISO or OSHA
Calibration information Calibration dates, times and levels
Run duration timer Selectable up to 12 hours in 30min intervals
Security Lock via keys
Power supply Internal NiMH cells
Battery life 28 Hours run capacity
Size mm (in) 80x47x52 (3.1x1.8x2.0) inc windshield
Weight g (oz) 71g (2.5)
Data storage Non-volatile, 10 years of storage
Display Graphic LCD 96 x 26 pixels
Output (PC) Infra-red to USB (PC) cable to Insight Software
Manuals & Data Sheets