Casella CEL-490 Sound & Noise Level Meter
Casella CEL

Casella CEL-490 Sound & Noise Level Meter

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The Casella CEL-490 sound level meter is the perfect rental solution for environmental noise applications. The CEL-490 noise analyzer allows Broadband, octave and 1/3 octave monitoring in addition to a dynamic 140 dB measurement range. The 2Mb onboard memory stores time history as well as the measured parameters. Typical applications include boundary noise monitoring, impact assessments, sound pressure monitoring, transport noise studies and sound power determination making this the ideal sound level meter for your rental and hire solution.

This product is has an optional Environmental Kit Case. Casella CEL's 490 environmental system is designed to give protection from the elements for medium or long term unattended monitoring. Whether simple or in-depth measurements are required, an appropriate meter from the CEL-450/490 range can be selected for the application. The system is completely stand-alone, with the internal battery lasting up to 10 days. The microphone is covered by an acoustically transparent rain shield that also prevents noise measurements being effected by wind noise - attached as related item on right.

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