Danatronics Echo 9FD Flaw Detector
Danatronics Echo 9FD Flaw Detector
Danatronics Echo 9FD Flaw Detector
Danatronics Echo 9FD Flaw Detector
Danatronics NDT

Danatronics Echo 9FD Flaw Detector

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ECHO FD is our portable ultrasonic flaw detector in the same field-proven case as our popular ECHO series. Our ECHO FD represents a breakthrough in cost, size, and ease of use for your everyday flaw detector. ECHO FD can even toggle from a flaw detector, corrosion, or precision thickness gage, making it the smallest and most affordable unit in the world to offer such a vast application set. Our new hand-held ultrasonic flaw detector is packed with many useful and practical features, including:
Unsure which ECHO series gage is right for you? Our ECHO series chart can help you decide.

Fast, 60Hz update rate

2 independent gates

5 unique display formats

One-hand operation

13 hour battery life

RHOS Compliant

CE Certified

Made In the USA


Weld inspection







Power generation

Oil and gas

Pipeline inspection

Tank inspection

Thickness surveys

Inspection companies

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Display:3.5” TFT, 320 x 240 pixels (¼ VGA) sunlight readable color display with display update rate of 60 Hz. Under all test conditions
Backlight: Light Emitting Diode (LED) backlight. Includes variable light intensity
Package: Designed for IP67 rating, custom, splash-proof, high impact plastic with illuminating rubber keypad for go/no-go testing
Operating Temperature:-4 to 122F (-20 to 50C)
Transducer Connectors: (Lemo 00)
Bandwidth:.5-30 Mhz (-3dB)
Pulser:Tunable Square Wave (1-25 MHz), spike
Mode:Pulse-Echo, dual, thru
Measurement Rate:60 Hz
Pulser Voltage:30, 60, 90 120V
Range:.400” in full scale to 23” for steel velocity
Zoom:Zooms gate 1 width to minimum range capability
Delay:0-23” (23” minus the range)
Zero Offset:0-5000 µsec
Vel:.025 in/µsec-.6 and metric equivalent
Weight:1.15 lbs with internal rechargable batteries
Battery Life:13 Hrs.
Battery Type:3.7V li Ion and alkaline tray option
Charger:5V, 2 amp output, 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz Input
Rubber Boot:Custom boot to protect the unit with chest harnesses, padded strap with built in stand
Gain:0-90db in .1db increments
Linearity:Per ASTM E317-15 (1% on vertical axis, .5% on horizontal axis)
USB2:2 way communication, acts as input for battery re-charge
Alarm:Dynamic change of color and vibrate on alarm for echo in gate, echo above DAC positive or negative gate and minimum depth alarm
Datalogger:2Gb std, expandable to 32Gb of removeable micro SD card memory: file types linear, 2D 2D with custom point, 3D 3D with custom point, boiler with and without waveform storage options.32 character file name and 20 character longer I.D. strings
Stored Setups:Storage and recall of 2700 calibration and setup files
Data XL:Interface program to send and receive files to and from PC. Displays thickness with ID in Microsoft Excel
Peak Hold:Holds curve of ECHO envelope with live echo. Peak on, Peak hold, Peak of
Freeze: Freezes for data storage and waveform viewing analysis
Waveform:Filled or outline
Gates:2 independent gates, adjustable gate start, width, level and alarm type (positive, negative, minimum depth). Can be set to peak or edge detection for each gate
Auto Cal:2 point calibration, cal zero and cal velocity of thin and thick
Display Special Functions:5 display modes for varying A-scan size plus A and B scan simultaneously
Rectification:RF, Full Wave, Half +, Half –, RF
Units:Inches, mm or µsec
Languages:English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Slovak, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Czech, Finnish, Hungarian
Angle Beam:Displays all three leg components, angular distance, surface distance and depth accounting for leg correction to correct for beam index point of wedge
Angle:0-85 degrees in 1 degree increments including 0, 30, 45, 60 and 70 as pre-set choices
Reject:0-85% FSH, completely linear with vertical indication bar
Measurement Types:Single, dual, thru transmission, angle beam, delay lines, contact, immersion, echo to echo, dry couple
Standard Inclusions:ECHO FD including 2 GB SD card, li-ion battery, battery charger, transport case, manual with Data XL, USB cable, DAC, AWS software, API 5U, 2 gates, B-Scan, 2oz bottle of couplant and rubber booth with padded wrist strap and stand
Software Options: Corrosion module, floating gate, precision module, pipe curvature correction.
Hardware Options:Magnetic wheel encoder, power bank, alkaline battery tray, spare battery, foot switch, test blocks, cables, probes, couplant, and magnetic pipe stand
Manuals & Data Sheets