Delmhorst Moisture Meter BD-2100

Delmhorst Moisture Meter BD-2100

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The Delmhorst moisture meter BD-2100 will help you trace leaks, find exterior moisture intrusion and determine if dry rot is present. Resistance technology, recognized around the world as the most accurate method for measuring moisture.


0 to 100 relative scale for all other non-wood materials

Digital readout

Easy one-hand operation

Proven microcontroller circuit


Penetrating pin-type meter that measure moisture in materials

Test wood scale: like floors, studs, floor joists, subfloors

Reference scale: test non-wood materials like concrete, plaster, and insulation

Gypsum scale: test moisture range on sheetrock

Building and construction industry

Remediation industry

Engineering and consulting

Investigating water damage

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Technical Specifications

Moisture RangeOn wood: 6% - 40%
Power9-Volt Battery
Manuals & Data Sheets