Gilian Sensidyne GilAir 5RC Air Sampling Pump
Gilian Sensidyne GilAir 5RC Air Sampling Pump

Gilian Sensidyne GilAir 5RC Air Sampling Pump

Pine Item #61197

The ultra-compact GilAir 5RC is a versatile pump used for sampling airborne particulates, aerosols and toxic vapors/gases. The GilAir 5RC has three operating modes: constant high flow for filter sampling; constant low flow (with optional Constant Flow Low Flow Module) for single-tube sampling; and constant pressure, mult-flow (with optional Constant Flow Constant Pressure Module) for single or multiple tube sampling. The optional flow modules just attach to the pump.


Instrinsically safe

EMI/RFI proteced

Compact lightweight quiet.

Constant flow accuracy.


Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Worker Exposure

Area Monitoring

Particulate Monitoring


Asbestos Monitoring



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Technical Specifications

High Flow750 to 5000 cc/min to 25\ H2O
Low Flow Module5 to 500 cc/min to 25\""" H20
Constant Pressure Module1 to 750 cc/min at 18\""" ± 3\""" H2O
Flow Control± 5% of set point user adjustable
ApprovalsUL intrinsically safe for Class I Groups A B C D; Class II Groups E F G: Class III Division 1
PowerSealed Ni-Cd battery 8 hours operation
DimensionsUS: 3.9 x 4.1 x 2.0 in. Metric: 99 x 104 x 50 mm
WeightUS: 1.4 lb. Metric: 0.638 kg
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