Hach DR/890 Portable Colorimeter
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Hach DR/890 Portable Colorimeter

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High-value, high-capability field instruments for water quality analysis. Hach DR/800 Series Colorimeters combine ease of use with high testing capability and field readiness. These durable, hand-held, filter-photometer instruments are designed specifically for the rigors of on-site testing, with rugged components and waterproof, dustproof, chemical-resistant housings.

Depending upon your testing needs, you can select a DR/820, DR/850 or DR/890 Colorimeter, preprogrammed to test for at least 20, 50 or 90 parameters, respectively, and equally suited for skilled analysts who value the time they can save, or for operators with limited training who appreciate ease of use and accurate results.

The DR/890 Colorimeter is the most complete, most capable of the DR/800 Series, suited to a wide range of testing needs and offering all standard DR/800 Series features, including datalogging, user-generated procedures, advanced software, RS-232 capability (with optional Data Transfer Adapter), and a large custom display. The instrument performs more than 90 tests.


  • Capable:

    three models (20, 50, or 90 methods) with automatic wavelength selection
  • Preprogrammed:

    ready-to-use out of the box
  • Compact:

    true hand-held analysis, for use anywhere
  • Rugged:

    dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, worry-free (designed to meet IP67 standards)
  • Powerful:

    full datalogging and RS232 interface capabilities
  • Simple:

    menu-driven, step-by-step analysis
  • Affordable:

    choose the instrument you need or select a complete portable laboratory


  • Easy-to-use software offers push-button method selection, automatic wavelength selection and a preprogrammed method timer. Results are displayed immediately, with no countdown. The display is very easy to read, and includes result, units and parameter name.
  • The instrument retains the selected method until a new method is entered, even after the DR/800 is turned off and then back on at a later time. This allows a series of analyzes to be performed for the same parameter without reselecting the method.
  • Datalogging capability includes push-button record-keeping. Store data in the field for later access, with no delay in testing. The instrument stores up to 99 measurements in internal, non-volatile memory. Data stored includes date/time, parameter, program number, concentration/absorbance/ %T, sample number, and instrument serial number, all of which greatly simplify record keeping tasks.
  • Results are displayed directly in units of concentration, absorbance, or % transmittance. In many methods, concentration in alternate chemical forms is also available. For example, phosphate readings are available as P, PO4 and P2O5. Displayed results can be changed from one form to the next at the touch of a button.
  • User-program feature allows users to generate up to 10 custom procedures, with up to 12 data points each, and store them in non-volatile instrument memory for later use.
  • Advanced software includes the ability to automatically correct for reagent blanks, and the option to fine-tune calibration curves with the standard adjust feature.
  • Batteries provide self-contained power for field testing. Nominal battery life is 6 months with standard AA alkaline batteries. Rechargeable alkaline batteries are also available.
  • The optional Data Transfer Adapter (DTA) fits onto the instrument and accepts data sent from the instrument's infrared light emitting diode (LED) transmitter. The DTA converts data to standard RS232 format and connects directly to a computer or printer. Data can be printed or downloaded at any time--after it is stored in the instrument or while it is being collected.
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