Heron Skinny Dipper - Water Level Meter
Heron Skinny Dipper - Water Level Meter
Heron Skinny Dipper - Water Level Meter
Heron Instruments

Heron Skinny Dipper - Water Level Meter

Pine Item #51739


This rugged unit is intended for use in narrow tubes and piezometers. The tape on the skinny dipper is a narrow 0.24 inch x 0.133 inch (6.2 mm x 3.4 mm). The probe is 0.25 inch (6.25mm) diameter stainless steel. This thin section enables the skinny dipper to be used in tubes as narrow as 0.375 inch (9.5mm) internal diameter.

The high strength tape has two embedded stainless steel conductors. The graduations are printed under the polyethylene coating in feet x 0.01 ft (not available in metric) giving precision and durability.

The Skinny Dipper includes a fully potted, fully removable electronic module. The super bright red LED and buzzer are housed inside this water tight module. The sensitivity dial on the Skinny dipper allows false signals from cascading water to be tuned out enabling the most accurate readings possible.

Features/Advantages over coaxial units:

  • Permanently marked graduations every ft and 1/100ft (not available in metric). No more stick on numbers coming off in the well.
  • Precise, high strength and less stretch to allow for more precise readings.
  • Easier to withdraw from the piezometer.
  • Corrosion proof.
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