Jerome Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer Models 631-X and J631-XE
Arizona Instruments

Jerome Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer Models 631-X and J631-XE

Pine Item #51146

The Jerome H2S analyzer from Pine is the ideal Hydrogen Sulfide rental solution.  The extremely broad measurement range of this portable toxic vapor detector, from 0.001 ppm (1 ppb) to 50 ppm, makes it appropriate for odor nuisance monitoring, scrubber efficiency testing, leak detection, regulatory compliance, corrosion control and as an accuracy check for other hydrogen sulfide monitors and control systems.

As with the mercury vapor analyzer, the 631 hydrogen sulfide analyzer offers a survey mode to pinpoint an H2S source.  Just a call away, the Jerome H2S Analyzer could be the ideal solution to your H2S monitoring.


Ambient air analysis

Odor Nuisance monitoring

Regulatory Compliance

Control Room Corrosion Monitoring

Quality Assurance and Control

Scrubber Efficiency and Testing

Leak Detection

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