MALA CX12 Concrete Radar
MALA CX12 Concrete Radar
MALA CX12 Concrete Radar
MALA CX12 Concrete Radar
MALA CX12 Concrete Radar
MALA CX12 Concrete Radar
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MALA CX12 Concrete Radar

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The MALA CX Concrete imaging system is an easy to use, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system that is designed for non-destructive investigation and imaging of concrete and other structures. Construction  professionals involved in the cutting,coring, or drilling of concrete structure require a safe and reliable means of inspecting work areas to locate and indentfy hidden features that could cause damage to machinery, or pose a danger to the operator or structure during these activities.

The MALA CX-12 system allows you to scan concrete structure simply and safely in different measurement modes such as; 2D, and 3D Grid- and Object Mapper- which projects and presents data clearly for real-time data acquisition and analysis. The MALA CX-12 comes with 3D Vision software which was primarly designed to enhance processing and visualization of GPR data. The software improves the 3D Grid Project functionality and allows the user to manage and adjust the 3D Grid Project data collected while using the 3D system.


Detects metal and non-metallic objects

Detects voids

Locates and identifies 50/60Hz power cables

Project modes for 2D3D Grid and Object Mapper/ Software.

Measure depth of cover or slab thickness

Locate and map reinforcing support structure

Quality assessment & control

Measure layer thickness

Stand-alone Windows processing software


Concrete Investigation

Post Tension cables

Mapping Steel Reinforcement

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Technical Specifications

Power SupplyExternal 12v or Li-ion 12V/12Ah Battery
Operating time6h with Battery pack
Operating temp-20 to + 50 degrees celsius
Display10.4 color TFT Ultra-Hi-Brite LCD Monitor
Antenna1.6HHz Antenna
Data DownloadUSB Sotrage Device. Data can be transferred to a computer or laptop device
DimensionsUS: 22 x 18 x 10 in. Metric: 558 x 457 x 254 mm
Manuals & Data Sheets

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