MFE Mark 4 Tank Floor Scanner
MFE Mark 4 Tank Floor Scanner
MFE Mark 4 Tank Floor Scanner
MFE Mark 4 Tank Floor Scanner
MFE Mark 4 Tank Floor Scanner

MFE Mark 4 Tank Floor Scanner

Pine Item #56099
The Mark IV takes the precision, reliability, and durability of its predecessors to another level with upgraded, user-friendly software and a lightweight build. Its slim design boasts an unprecedented weight of only 65 lb. 
The convenience of using the new Mark IV will be outweighed only by the confidence in its reporting features and ability to discover volume loss in real-time with its true real-time display.

Manual & Mapping Modes

Fully Integrated Software

True Real-Time Display

Tank Drawing

Analytical & Reporting Features

Detachable handle

Fully Adjustable Handle

Advanced Mil-Spec Breakaway Cables

Integrated Electronics

Hot Swappable Batteries

65 lb/30 kg


Storage Tank Bottoms/Floors

Storage Tank Roofs

Screening of Annular Plates

Ship Decks

X-Ray & Inspection System

Packaging Inspection & Integrity

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Scan Width 12 Inches
 Maximum Single Scan Length None
 Speed Tracker Yes
 Thickness Range up to .75"*
  (*.50" to .75" available with High Flux Bridge Upgrade)
 Test through Coatings Yes, if non-magnetic
 Max Coating Thickness Floor Plate and coating up to .75" / 20 mm*
 Real Time Analysis Yes, 12 Channels
 Power Requirements Hot Swappable Batteries
 Operation Weight 65 lb / 30 kg
Manuals & Data Sheets