Pearpoint P350 flexitrax Inspection System
Pearpoint P350 flexitrax Inspection System
Pearpoint P350 flexitrax Inspection System
Pearpoint P350 flexitrax Inspection System
Pearpoint P350 flexitrax Inspection System

Pearpoint P350 flexitrax Inspection System

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The P350 flexitrax™ offers inspection professionals the ultimate portable crawler system. This advanced and affordable system features the simplicity and transportability of a pushrod system whilst delivering the functionality and performance associated with complex and expensive crawler systems. The P350 is a modular system, designed to meet the tough requirements of any inspection environment.

Outstanding picture quality

The P350 flexitrax features ultra-bright LEDs and high-resolution cameras built on a powerful digital video platform. The P350 flexitrax system supports three interchangeable, high-resolution cameras. Each camera features ultra-bright white LEDs that ensure a clear picture and a long, maintenance-free life. The digital video is displayed on the command module's ultra-bright, 8" industrial grade TFT screen. The P350 flexitrax command module allows you to zoom and rotate photos and live or recorded digital video in real-time. The command module also provides Mimic™ display, an intuitive way of controlling pan and tilt. Combined, these features provide outstanding video picture quality and make it easier and quicker to correctly identify problems even in the toughest conditions.

Reliability where you need it

The P350 flexitrax is engineered to operate in almost any environment. The command module and drum have a weatherproof rating of IP53. The tough, yet light-weight controller provides a durable buffer between the elements and your survey data. The command module stores survey data direct to solid-state Compact Flash cards. Solid-state non-volatile memory means there are no moving parts so your files are secure and less vulnerable to shock damage and power outages. The system is operable in the most demanding conditions. The crawlers can operate fully submersed and are water resistant to depths of up to 100m (330'). They are constructed from brass and stainless steel and are built with a single or twin 50W motor configuration, powerful enough to move through almost any pipeline system.The integrated sensitive inclinometer and the multi-frequency sonde allow you to map pipeline topography easily and efficiently. The ruggedly constructed cameras are designed to transfer any front impact to the crawler body, protecting the cameras from shock damage.

Flexible digital data transfer

The advanced digital platform of the P350 flexitrax means you can transfer survey data from your Compact Flash card to your PC or laptop via fast USB 2.0. Use the included FlexiSight™ Windows-based software to edit video and convert reports to Microsoft ® Word format. With Bluetooth ® wireless technology you can send your inspection photos from the command module to a compatible cell phone and forward them instantly to your client.


The P350 flexitrax is small enough to fit in the trunk of your car. The system can be van or truck mounted and wheeled onsite using the ergonomic barrow design, allowing you to reach conduits beyond the range of your vehicle. Once onsite, the system is quick and easy to set-up and deploy. Build the system to meet your inspection requirements. Choose between a practical and inexpensive manual drum system or an advanced, compact, self-contained powered drum with up to 250m (825') of cable. Choose from three interchangeable cameras and two powerful, yet compact crawlers that are designed to withstand the most challenging sub-surface conditions.

The command module is also fully compatible with the P330+ flexiprobe™ giving you access to its comprehensive range of pushrod reels, cameras and accessories. Switch from crawler to pushrod inspection without carrying a second system. The system is easy to use, thanks to its intuitive user interface and simple, one-touch control over video and photo capturing. The tough and durable keypad gives you direct access to advanced digital features and lets you drive any drum, crawler and camera combination. The command module and the drum also feature RCA video outputs, meaning you can record your video to an external device or display video on an external monitor. Each crawler ships with one set of small wheels. The small wheel set is the optimal choice for deployment in 100mm (4",) pipes for the P354 crawler and in 150mm (6",) pipes for the P356 crawler. For bigger pipes there is an option of different wheel configurations and elevators.


The P350 flexitrax system is designed and built for continuous operation and easy maintenance. Each crawler is designed for quick repair. The powered drum features a removable drum and cable cassette that's fast and easy to replace in the workshop or even in the field. The optional re-termination kit makes it easy and affordable to replace and repair damaged cables. The P350 flexitrax system is the clear choice when you need cost-effective and flexible solutions.

Digital control

  • Compact and tough controller can be left on the drum or fitted where convenient
  • Ultra-bright 8" industrial grade TFT screen with anti-reflective protection offers the best picture in any light condition
  • Tough and durable keypad to control all the system functions and movements
  • Splashproof keyboard for text entry and report writing
  • Digital zoom and picture navigation functions to explore, in real-time, the live video picture
  • Record full SVGA video and snapshots onto solid-state Compact Flash (CF) card
  • Bluetooth ® wireless technology to send photos world-wide instantly (using a compatible cell phone and service provider)
  • USB 2.0 port to transfer all the files quickly to a PC or laptop
  • Compatible with P330+ flexiprobe pushrod system

Rugged and flexible

  • IP53 and IP68 rated system
  • Self-contained power drum allows for van fit or portable use
  • Cable lengths from 100m (330') to 250m (825') with a cable-end protection system
  • Automatic or manual retrieval mode
  • Manual drum available
  • Crawlers and cameras rated IP68 to 100m (330'), with inbuilt inclinometers and multi-frequency sondes

Power and agility

  • Non-steerable 100mm (4") crawler allows access in a typical 300mm (12") manhole and pipe surveys from 100mm (4") to 300mm (12").
  • Steerable 150mm (6") crawler for pipes from 150mm (6") to 600mm (24")
  • 50W (4") and dual 50W (6") crawler motors
  • Quick release wheels and choice of hard or soft tires for all pipe conditions

Light and vision

  • Ultra-bright LEDs for a long, maintenance-free life and exceptional light performance
  • Choice of three high-definition cameras: forward view, pan & tilt or pan & tilt with 10x optical zoom
  • P350-CMOD Mimic display control and auto survey mode for easy pan & tilt operation

Powered elevator to survey pipes up to 36” / 900mm

Simple, rapid, service and maintenance

Pushrod compatible – cameras as small as 1” / 25mm

Clear, high quality imaging

Simple to operate in the field

Rugged design – reliability where you need it

Comprehensive reporting with advanced tools

Vehicle installation options

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Technical Specifications

Command ModuleP350-CMOD
Screen200mm / 8" Industrial TFT SVGA
StorageHigh Speed Compact Flash
Recording Time (hrs)*1:45 (HQ) - 3:45 (MQ) - 9:00 (LQ)
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 Video/Audio In/Out Ethernet Bluetooth®
Dimensions300 x 360 x 200mm / 14" x 14" x 8"
Weight0.7kg / 1.5lbs
EnvironmentalIP55 (closed) IP53 (open)
DrumsP350-DRUM-M P
Dimensions (l X W X H) Drum445 x 270 x 570mm / 17.5" x 10.6" x 22.4"
Dimensions Manual Power Pack418 x 195 x 420mm / 16.5" x 7.7" x 16.5"
ConstructionStainless Steel
Power110-240V 50-60Hz or 1.2kW rated generator
Pipe Diameter150mm to 600mm / 6" to 24"
Dimensions (l X W X H)345 x 128 x 84 / 13.6" x 5" x 3.3"
Motors2 x 50W
Sonde Frequency512/640/8192/32768 Hz
Inclinometer Accuracy-/+ 0.2º
Dimensions (l X Diameter)134 x 68mm / 5.3" x 2.7"
Focal Range10mm to 8
Horizontal Resolution460TVL
Sensitivity< 1.0 Lux
Led Luminance210lm
ElevatorsP350-EL V-A (Adjustable Elevator)
Pipe Range (p354)up to 380mm / 15"
Pipe Range (p356)up to 458mm / 18"
Manuals & Data Sheets

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