Ponar 'Grab' Sampler (Petite and Standard)
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Ponar 'Grab' Sampler (Petite and Standard)

Pine Item #90215 (Petite) 51790 (Std)

The Ponar Samplers, or "˜Grab Samplers', are widely used in fresh and saltwater for taking sediment samples from hard bottoms such as sand, gravel, consolidated marl, or clay.  This sturdy dredge is available in two sizes - Petite Ponar for shallow samples and easy handling, or the Standard Ponar for bigger jobs that require extra weight.

Petite Ponar Sampler 6x6 SKU 90215:

Constructed from stainless steel, this benthic sampler gives a whole new meaning to the word "petite.", At just 6.8kg, the Petite Ponar Sampler can easily be carried by one person in the field and can be deployed without the use of a winch or crane recommended for larger samplers.

Standard Ponar Sampler 9x9  SKU 51790:

The Standard Ponar is a deliberately heavy device for biting deep into the bottom and has proven success at invertebrate recovery.   When the scoops strike the bottom, their tapered cutting edges penetrate well with very little sample disturbance.   Removable screens on top of each scoop allow water to flow through as - Strait descends.   Constructed of 316 Stainless Steel and weighing 34kg when full, it is recommended that a crane and winch is used for deployment due to working weight.


Lighter (Petite) or heavier (Standard) option available

Removeable top screens

Self-releasing pinch-pin™

Center pivot for low bottom disturbance



Soil Sampling

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Technical Specifications

Materials:316 stainless steel
Fasteners:18-8 SS
Empty Weight:24 lbs (Petite) / 50 lbs (Standard)
Full Weight:28 lbs (Petite) / 75 lbs (Standard)
Sample Area:6 x 6\ (Petite) / 9 x 9\""" (Standard)
Volume:2.4 L (Petite) / 8.2 L (Standard)
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