QED Micropurge MP10, MP10H and MP10UH Controller

QED Micropurge MP10, MP10H and MP10UH Controller

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Available Models:

  • MP10, #51873

  • MP10H, #51874

  • MP10UH, #51875

The MicroPurge ® basicsTM MP10 Controller revolutionizes low-flow sampling with advanced logic control of purge flow and well drawdown. Simple up-down arrow keys increase and decrease purge flow, driving a microprocessor to recreate expert techniques for low-flow adjustment. Then, optimized settings are identified for recall in the next round of sampling.

The MP10 also offers an easy way to prevent excessive monitoring well drawdown during purging, by linking to the optional MP30 Drawdown/Water Level Meter.

The lightweight, compact MP10 sets the pace for a new generation of genuine MicroPurge basics equipment, first in control and power for low-flow sampling.

Simple, stable, repeatable flow rate setting

The MP10 puts you in control of the most advanced low-flow sampling system ever made. You will purge and sample quickly and easily, with precise, steady low-flow pumping rates from one sampling event to the next.

QED's new basics equipment is also designed to take advantage of the opportunities for downsized equipment, which is lighter and more portable, reduces equipment cost, and increases sampling crew productivity. Simplified, sealed electronics are put together in a design that delivers famous QED durability and value. MicroPurge basics controllers can be connected to the MP30 Drawdown Meter for optional Automatic Drawdown Control, an industry first.

Multi-mode digital control

The MP10 gives you three easy-to-use operating modes, to cover every sampling protocol and situation.MicroPurge (MP) Mode quickly optimizes control settings to reach the desired pump flow rate. You don't have to worry about calculating pump cycles or refill and discharge times. 

ID Mode instantly recalls optimized settings previously established for each well, providing precise, consistent performance from event to event. User Set (MN) Mode provides manual control of pump operation for extreme depths and other special cases.


MicroPurge Control Mode uses simple arrow keys to adjust low-flow rates

Integrated microprocessor enables users to recreate flow adjustment strategies

Multi-Mode digital control with MicroPurge and ID Mode for repeat events and manual control

Weatherproof controls in a rugged, compact case

Full digital display of all setting and status information


Sampling inorganic, organic, and biological groundwater parameters

Groundwater sampling and control

Low flow water sampling

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