QED MP40 basics Engine/ Compressor

QED MP40 basics Engine/ Compressor

Pine Item #51877

The rugged MicroPurge MP40 Portable Air Compressor eliminates the weight and part count of other oil-less field compressors. The high quality compressor is directly coupled to a smooth-running Honda engine, without the weight and complexity of pulleys, belts, and belt guards. The MP40 compressor is mounted in a light weight aluminum cage for easy carrying at only 48 pounds total weight. A new hose reel option (MP40-2; separate rental) attaches to the compressor cage so that wells up to 200 feet away can be reached without having to move the compressor unit.


Rugged for tough field conditions with shock-absorbing feet and a welded aluminum cage.

Direct-coupled engine/compressor set decreases weight and minimizes vibration.

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