Quest Temp 34 Area Heat Stress Monitor
Quest Technologies

Quest Temp 34 Area Heat Stress Monitor

Pine Item #54474

The QUESTemp 34 area heat stress monitor struts its stuff with its ability to protect groups of workers with a single instrument. The dry bulb sensor measures ambient temperature. The wet bulb sensor takes into account evaporative cooling, giving an indication of the effects of humidity on an individual. And the globe sensor provides an indication of radiant heat exposure due either to direct light or hot objects in an environment. The QUESTemp 34 environmental monitor converts all these measurements to a simple, single-number indoor and outdoor WBGT index that can be used in conjunction with guidelines from ACGIH, the U.S. Navy, EPRI, ISO, and other standards-setting organizations. Use the QUESTemp 34 area heat stress monitor with any of these guidelines to determine appropriate work and rest regiments or stay times for workers in situations where heat stress is a life safety issue and a liability risk. While the QUESTemp 34 will print a report without the need for special software, Quest Suite software, an optional rental item, facilitates custom reports and graphs.

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