SKC PCXR8 Sampling Pump

SKC PCXR8 Sampling Pump

Pine Item #51329

Constant flow air sample pump with a wide flow range

Accurate air volumes without the need for frequent sample pump adjustments, smooth airflow for high flow (750 to 5000 ml/min), pulseless for low flow (5 to 500 ml/min). Low flow air sampling applications require the optional Adjustable Low Flow Holder (Cat. No. 224-26 series)

Automatic fault features

Ensure integrity of results with shutdown on low battery, restricted flow, and excess back pressure; all with time-retention

Backpressure compensation to 40 inches of water

Automatically corrects to maintain a constant flow

Built-in low flow pressure regulator at no extra cost

For low flow air sampling at 5 to 500 ml/min (requires the 224-26 series Adjustable Low Flow Holder accessory)

Multi-tube low flow air sampling capability

Built-in pressure regulator allows up to 4 tubes to be run simultaneously; reduces time in the field; uses fewer pumps

Small and compact air sampling pump

Measures only 5.1 x 4.7 x 1.9 inches (13 x 11.9 x 4.8 cm) and weighs 34 oz (964 gm)

Built-in rotameter and particulate trap

Provides a visible check of pump flow rate during air sampling; the filter assembly with see-through housing and trap protects the pump from debris and reduces maintenance requirements

Long-life NiCad battery

Provides a minimum of 8 hours of continuous use per charge; battery charge test ensures pump lasts an entire shift

Large easy-to-read LCD

Displays battery status, total sample time, delayed start, sample period, sample over, program setup, hold, and fault

Easy keyboard programming and control

Convenient program setup and display readout; interrupt/hold button permits shutdown for breaks, lunch, or to recheck the air sample pump; programmable for delayed start time, intermittent sampling, extended sampling up to 7 days, timed shutdown, and repeatability

Ultra-quiet operation

Designed for on worker applications; quiet enough for indoor air quality investigations

Heavy-duty RFI/EMI-shielded case

  • Protects from interference from 27 through 1000 MHz
  • impact-resistant
  • CE-approved

Intrinsically safe, UL listed

  • Class I groups A, B, C, D;
  • Class II Groups E, F, G;
  • Class III;
  • Temperature Code T3C.

All non-plastic parts made of corrosion-resistant materials

Built-in accessory mount

Built-in fluid/particulate trap

External exhaust port

External see-through filter housing

RFI- and EMI-shielded case

Stainless steel belt clip

Tamper-resistant compensation adjustments

Tamper-resistant control cover


Worker Exposure

Area Monitoring

Particulate Monitoring


Asbestos Monitoring



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Technical Specifications

Flow Range1000 to 5000 ml/min (UL Listed model)\n(5 to 500 ml/min requires the 224-26 Series adjustable low flow holder)\nRequires 1/4-inch ID tubing
Compensation Range 1000 to 2500 ml/min at 40 inches water back pressure\n3000 ml/min at 35 inches water back pressure\n4000 ml/min at 20 inches water back pressu
Flow Control Holds constant flow to ± 5% of set-point
Run TimeNiCad Battery: 8 hrs minimum at 4000 ml/min and 20 inches water back pressure; dependent on media used. \n\nNiMH Battery: 12 hrs minimum at 40
Tubing Requires 1/4-inch ID tubing
Timer Display Range1 to 9999 minutes (6.8 days). Pump will shut off at 9999 minutes. To reset restart the pump.
Flow Indicator Built-in rotameter with 250-ml division; scale marked at 1 2 3 4 and 5 L/min
Intrinsic SafetyUL Listed for Class I Division 1 and 2 Groups A B C D; Class II Division 1 and 2 Groups E F G; and Class III Temperature Code T3C
Operating Temperature 32 to 113 F (0 to 45 C)
Operating Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing
Flow Fault If the pump is unable to compensate for longer than 15 seconds due to excessive back pressure the pump enters flow fault. During flow faul
Manuals & Data Sheets

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