Solinst Model 408 Double Valve Pump (DVP)
Solinst Model 408 Double Valve Pump (DVP)

Solinst Model 408 Double Valve Pump (DVP)

Pine Item #51888

The Solinst Double Valve Pump (DVP) is a pneumatic drive pump that allows consistent, high quality samples. It has been field proven in hundreds of applications.

It offers excellent performance and reliability; no bladder replacement and higher pumping rates than with the Bladder Pump; a selection of sizes and materials; variable flow rates; and is field serviceable.

The Double Valve Pump is suitable for low flow or regular flow sampling, and can operate to depths of 500 ft. (150 m). The PVC Double Valve Pump operates up to 100 ft. (30 m) below grade.


  • Easy Decontamination: everything easily accessible; replaceable and with interchangeable parts. All components can be cleaned with mild detergent or non-phosphate soap.
  • Portable Models: - can be made for any size or depth of application. No tools required for field decontamination. - cart or reel mounted. See overleaf.
  • Converts to a Bladder Pump: - very easily converts to a Bladder Pump, as most of the parts are the same and bladders are simple to install. (See data Model 407.)
  • High Flow Rates: - when large purge volumes are required, Solinst DVP can deliver high flow rates. Flow rates vary with depth of pump below surface, depth below water level, size of drive and sample tubing, drive and vent cycle times, gas pressure applied, aquifer recharge, and size of pump body. The DVP compares favourably with published data for similar sized pumps under similar conditions, i.e.:
    1.66'' x 2ft. 42 mm x 610 mm) DVP at 100 psi, with
    1/2'' OD drive and sample lines, at 150 ft. (50 m) below water level, gives 3.3 l/min.
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