SonTek FlowTracker Handheld-ADV
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SonTek FlowTracker Handheld-ADV

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The FlowTracker Handheld-ADV ® (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter) measures 2D or 3D currents, attaches easily to wading rods, and features an automatic discharge computation using a variety of international methods, including ISO and USGS standards. The FlowTracker also features SonTek's exclusive "SmartQC" which involves a series of built-in data quality checks, so you know your data is right. At the end of the data run, just press a button and the FlowTracker calculates the discharge for you!


Multi-language instrument and software (English Spanish French Italian and German)

Proven velocity accuracy to as low as 0.001m/s (0.003 ft/s) and up to 4.0 m/s (13 ft/s)

Automatic discharge calculation - International techniques including ISO and USGS standards

Record changing gauge heights and rated flows with comments in each measurement

Automatic discharge uncertainty calculation to ISO standard. A FlowTracker First!

General measurement feature for spot checks of velocity etc.

Measure velocities in water as shallow as 2 cm (less than an 1 inch)

Keypad interface with real-time velocity and flow display

Automatic quality control for accurate data collection

Two or three dimensional velocity measurement

Recorded data is shielded from power loss

Lightweight rugged and waterproof

No calibration required

Built-in temperature sensor

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Technical Specifications

Velocity Range:±0.001 to 4.0 m/s (0.003 to 13 ft/s)
Velocity Resolution:0.0001 m/s (0.0003 ft/s)
Velocity Accuracy:±1% of measured velocity ±0.25 cm/s
Sample Volume Location:10 cm from center transducer
Communication Protocol:RS-232
Power Supply:8 AA Alkaline batteries (25+ hours of continuous operation)
Weight:4 lbs
Probe Width:5.1\
LCD/Keypad Unit:Temporarily submersible to 1 m (3 ft)
Operating/Storage Temperature:-20º to 50ºC