ISCO 2150 Area Velocity Module
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ISCO 2150 Area Velocity Module

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The 2150 Flow Module uses continuous wave Doppler technology to measure mean velocity. The sensor transmits a continuous ultrasonic wave, then measures the frequency shift of returned echoes reflected by air bubbles or particles in the flow.

The 2150's "smart", area velocity probe is built on digital electronics, so the analog level is digitized in the sensor itself to overcome electromagnetic interference. The probe is also factory-calibrated for 10-foot (3 meter) span at different temperatures. This built-in calibration eliminates drift in the level signal, providing long-term level stability that reduces recalibration frequency and completely eliminates span recalibration.

In field use, the 2150 is typically powered either by two alkaline, or Isco Rechargeable Lead-acid batteries, within a 2191 Battery Module. Highly efficient power management extends battery life up to 15 months at 15-minute data storage intervals. Other power options (including solar) are available.

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