Testo 400 Indoor Air Quality IAQ / HVAC Monitor

Testo 400 Indoor Air Quality IAQ / HVAC Monitor

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The Testo 400 allows rapid measurement with accurate temperature probes. The instrument can extrapolate the final value for faster response times. It has the highest precision due to system calibration (measuring instrument + probe). The measuring instrument and the display are integrated within the probe, which is where the calibrated data is saved. The Testo 400 is a very practical one-hand operation with no awkward cable connections. It is a robust measuring instrument, with a waterproof design and can be wiped clean. The Testo 400 calculates all of the physical humidity parameters in the Mollier diagram and has humidity probes for every application, from remaining humidity to high humidity levels. It can also be used to measure barometric pressure and turbulence levels.


High-precision, location-independent, built-in differential pressure sensor

Integrated absolute pressure sensor

Measures all IAQ-related parameters: Flow, temperature, humidity, pressure, illuminance, radiant heat, turbulence, CO2 and CO

Numerous connection options for probes: 2 x cable probes (TUC), 4 x Bluetooth® probes, 2 x type K thermocouple probes

Compatible with a wide range of available Bluetooth® and cable probes – so you’ll be equipped for any measuring task

For high-precision measurements and less downtime: Adjustment function at up to six measuring points for zero-error display, probe heads can be replaced without restarting the IAQ measuring instrument, high-quality probes with an intelligent calibration concept (probe calibration independent of the measuring instrument)

Long-term monitoring of the indoor air quality: Order the IAQ data logger for carrying out long-term measurements with the testo 400 IAQ measuring instrument. While the stand-alone data logger is carrying out the IAQ measurement, you can use the IAQ measuring instrument for measurements elsewhere


IAQ measurements in the field of air conditioning and ventilation

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