ThermoFisher Scientific NEW TVA2020 with Bluetooth Connectivity
ThermoFisher Scientific NEW TVA2020 with Bluetooth Connectivity
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ThermoFisher Scientific NEW TVA2020 with Bluetooth Connectivity

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Easy-to-Own and Operate

The TVA2020 Analyzer is 21% lighter than earlier models and more compact than most FID stand alone instruments. The lightweight and compact design reduces fatigue for true portability and is easier to service in the field. In addition, a variety of options are available such as a basic or enhanced probe, carrying case, and hydrogen refill assembly.

Optional Bluetooth communication transmits concentration data to a handheld device containing the LDAR software database thereby eliminating the need to transfer files post-monitoring and provide a greater access to route information.

The Technology You Expect

Configurable for use in diverse applications including U.S. EPA Method 21 monitoring, site remediation, landfill monitoring, and general area surveys, the TVA2020 Analyzer is equipped with an FID to measure organic compounds with high sensitivity. The FID technology allows for a wide dynamic and linear range that produces stable and repeatable responses.

The analyzer can be configured with both FID and PID technology for simultaneous detection and enhanced analytical capabilities. This dual configuration is capable of producing a more rapid reading of organic and inorganic compounds as opposed to a single detector technology and provides more comprehensive gas coverage than comparable size devices.

After performing a primary calibration, the TVA2020 Analyzer can be customized by activating internal logging parameters, uploading a monitoring route, establishing a Bluetooth connection, setting alarm levels, and activating response factors.


Reduced Response Times

Increased user-serviceability

Bluetooth Connectivity


Dual FID/PID technology

Lightweight and compact design

Easy to service in the field

No PC based software required


LDAR-Search and location of flammable gas leaks

Ideal tool for uses in areas classified as zone zero flammable

Method 21 Sampling

Manufacturing plants or factories

Methane Detection

Medical and hygiene

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Technical Specifications

AccuracyFID Instrument: ±10% of reading or ±1.0 ppm, whichever is greater, from 1.0 to 10000 ppm PID Instrument: ±20 % of reading or ±0.5 ppm whichever is greater, from 0.5 to 500 ppm
Components MeasuredMost organic and inorganic compounds
Computer RequirementsUSB port Windows XP operating system or higher
Concentration Measurement RangeFID: 0-30000 ppm (methane) PID: 0-2000 ppm (isobutylene)
Data Logging Averaging PeriodsAuto mode - 1 per second to 1 per 999 minutes user selectable\nVOC or FE Mode - 2 to 30 seconds user selectable
DescriptionTVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzer
Flow Rate1L/min. nominal at sample probe inlet
Height (English)11.5 in
Height (Metric)29.2 cm
InputsBluetooth USB
Depth (English)4 in.
Depth (Metric)10.2cm
OutputsBluetooth USB
RepeatabilityFID Instrument: - 2% at 500 ppm of methane PID Instrument: - 1% at 100 ppm of isobutylene
Serial InterfaceUSB
Voltage100-230 V
Analysis TimeT90 = 3.5 seconds
Battery LifeThe battery operating time is 10 hours minimum at 0 °C (32 °F). Fully charged in less than 10 hours.
Battery TypeLithium ion
Detector TypeFID or PID/FID
Fuel99.99% H2 for FID
Min. Detectable LimitThe minimum detectable level is defined as seven times the standard deviation of peak-to-peak noise. PID Instrument - 0.5 ppm of isobutylene
Portable Operation TimeMinimum 10 hours
Response TimePID Instrument - Less than 3.5 seconds for 90% of final value using 500 ppm of isobutylene FID Instrument - Less than 3.5 seconds for 90%
Temperature (English) Range14° F - 113° F
Temperature (Metric) Range-10°C - +45°C
WarrantyOne year from date of shipment
Width9 in (22.9 cm)
WeightUS: 9.4 lb. Metric: 4.17 kg
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