TSI Quest SoundPro DL-2
TSI Instruments

TSI Quest SoundPro DL-2

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The TSI Quest™ SoundPro™ SE and DL series Sound Level Meters and Real-Time Analyzers help provide advanced sound level monitoring and comprehensive data analysis. Available in Class/Type 1 and Class/Type 2 models, these instruments feature large-screen displays that enable real-time frequency analysis and data-storing capabilities that make it easy to post-process and evaluate workplace noise levels.


ANSI and IEC standards compliant

Two “virtual” sound level meters running simultaneously

Concurrent A-weighted and C-weighted measurements

Programmable and level-triggered start and stop

A, C and Z (flat) frequency weighting

Fast, slow, and IEC impulse time response


Occupational Noise Evaluations

Environmental Noise Assessments

General Sound and Frequency Analysis

Automotive Design and Vehicle Noise Evaluations

Building Acoustics, Including STI-PA Method

HVAC testing per NEBB

Selection of Hearing Protection

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