YSI 6920 Multiparameter Water Quality Meter

YSI 6920 Multiparameter Water Quality Meter

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The YSI 6920 is an economical logging system for long-term, in situ monitoring and profiling. It will log all parameters at programmable intervals and store 150,000 readings. At 15-minute intervals, it will log data for about 30 days.

A cost-effective logging unit rated at 200 feet, the YSI 6920 can monitor up to 14 parameters simultaneously, including oxygen with the YSI Rapid PulseTM stirring-independent sensor and turbidity sensor not affected by variations in ambient light that has a self-cleaning feature. A self-cleaning chlorophyll sensor may be installed instead of the turbidity sensor.


Non-volatile flash memory (384K) prevents data loss

Retrieve data on site

Self-cleaning and stirring-independent probes

Field replaceable sensors

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Technical Specifications

Temperature: (range / resolution / accuracy)-5 to 45°C / 0.01°C / ±0.15°C
Logging Memory:384K Flash ROM logs 150000 readings
SoftwareEcoWatch for Windows 3.1 included: PC compatible 3.4\ disk drive 386 processor or better running Windows 3.1 or later 4 MB RAM minimum
Battery Life25 to 30 days at 15 minute sampling intervals at 25°C
External Power Supply12 VDC
Dissolved Oxygen: (range/resolution/accuracy)mg/L: 0 to 50mg/L / 0.01mg/L / 0 to 20mg/L
Dissolved Oxgen: (range/resolution/accuracy)% Saturation: 0 to 500% / 0.1% / 0 to 200%: ±2% air saturation
Conductivity: (range/resolution/accuracy)0 to 100mS/cm / 0.001 to 0.1mS/cm / ±0.5% of reading + 0.001 mS/cm
pH: (range/resolution/accuracy)0 to 14 units / 0.01 units / ±0.2 units
Non-Vented Depth: (range/resolution/accuracy) (US INTRUMENT ONLY)0 to 61m / 0.001m / ±0.12m
Vented Depth: (range/resolution/accuracy) (US INSTRUMENT ONLY)0 to 9m / 0.0003m / 0.1m
ORP: (range/resolution/accuracy)-999 to +999mV / 0.1mV / ±20mV
Salinity: (range/resolution/accuracy)0 to 70ppt / 0.01ppt / ±1% of reading
Turbidity: (range/resolution/accuracy/ depth)0 to 1000 NTU / 0.1NTU / ±5% of reading or 2NTU / 61m


Dimensions2.85 OD x 18\""" long\"""7.24 x 45.7 cm


Weight4 lbs 1.85 kg
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