Thermo PDR 1500
Thermo Scientific

Thermo PDR 1500

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The Thermo Scientific pDR1500 is one of the world's smallest and most versitile direct-reding personal aerosol monitors. This unit offers powerful, increased capabilities and a compact design for enhanced portability. Designed to provide accurate, real-time measurement of airborne particulate concentrations for numerous applications.


True volumetric flow control

Interchangeable cyclones for higher accuracy cut points

Personal aerosol instrument with benchtop performance

Full compensation for environmental variables

Suitable for NIOSH Methods 0500 and 0600t


Site Remediation

Size Discrimantion

Mass Validation

Exposure Modeling

Protection of Asthma Patients

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Technical Specifications

Concentration Measurement Range0.001 to 400 mg/m^3 range (auto ranging)
Accuracy1.5 x 10^-6 to 0.6 m^-1 (approx) @ lambda= 880nm (not displayed)
Resolution0.1% of reading or 0.001 mg/m^3, whichever is larger
Particle Size Range of Max. Response0.1 to 10 μm
Flow Rate Range1.0 to 3.5 liters/minute
Aerodynamic Particle Cut-Point Range1.0 to 10 μm
Logged Dataaveraging concentration, temperature, RH, barometric pressure, time/date, and data point number
Readout DisplayLCD 16 characters (4 mm height) x 2 lines
Internal Battery Run Time4 AA alkaline, > 24 hr run time, 5 V peak-to-peak @ 1.2 L/min; > 6 hour @ 3.5 L/min
DimensionsUS: 7.1 x 5.6 x 3.3 in. Metric: 181 X 143 x 84mm
WeightUS: 41oz. Metric: 1.2kg
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