Fischer MP30 Deltascope

Fischer MP30 Deltascope

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DELTASCOPE MP30 is used to measure non-ferrous metal coatings (e.g., chromium, copper, zinc, etc.) and paint, enamel or plastic coatings on iron and steel.

The auto averaging mode is used to reduce the effect of surface roughness on the measurement data range. The mean value of an arbitrary number of readings is stored as a single measurement.

Outlier rejection can be enabled to assure the validity of a measurements series statistical evaluation by eliminating outlier measurements which may be caused by faulty probe placement.

The additional matrix measurement mode enables simple storing of associated measurement data by respective data block (according to specific feature), allowing individual measurements to be made a different times. This measurement mode is ideally suited for applications in the steel and automotive


Automotive industry

Paint manufacturing and processing


Test institutes

Aeronautics industry

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Technical Specifications

DimensionsUS: 6.3 x 3.15 x 1.2 in. Metric: 160 x 80 x 30 mm

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