TSI P-Trak 8525 Ultrafine Particle Counter
TSI Instruments

TSI P-Trak 8525 Ultrafine Particle Counter

Pine Item #51220

The TSI P-Trak indoor air quality (IAQ) analyzer is now available to rent from Pine. The P-Trak aerosol monitor detects and counts particles smaller than 0.1 micrometer in diameter. These are the ones that often accompany or signal the presence of a pollutant that is the cause of complaints about indoor air quality. The P-Trak provides far greater sensitivity to very small particles and can be used to locate the source and migration of toxic exhaust gases, malfunctioning office equipment, pinhole leaks in boiler gaskets and a wide variety of other problems.The TSI aerosol monitor available to hire from Pine offers programmable datalogging capability and comes with Windows-based software.


Cleanroom Containment Checks

Filter checks

Fumehood Checks

Safety Cabinent validation

Vehicle Emission Migration

Combustion Leaks

Control of Smoking Areas

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